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About Company

Name of the company: “Graphtrade” Ltd;

Mailing address: 69068, Zaporozhye, ul. Stefanova, 46;

OKPO Code: 32786757;

INN: 327867508264;

E-mail: grefseal.office@gmail.com;

Web: www.grefseal.com;

Head of the enterprise: Director General – Naumenko Anna Mikhailovna;

Brief history of the company:

Graphtrade started its operations on December 9, 2003. In accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, the activities of Graphtrade Ltd are not subject to compulsory licensing.

The company produces sealing products under its own trade mark Grefseal.

The trademark of the manufacturer of sealing products was approved by the State Department of Intellectual Property – Certificate No. 64151 of 17.07.2006.

The main consumers of the products produced by the company “Graphtrade” are energy, chemical and petrochemical industries, coal industry, metallurgy, machine building, and ore mining and processing plants.

The company manufactures sealing products in accordance with the developed and approved technical specifications:

TU U 26.8-32786757-001: 2008 – Graphitic fillings Grefseal (for nuclear power plants);
TU U 26.8-32786757-002: 2011 – “Grefseal flange gaskets”;
TU U 28.1-32786757-002: 2012 – “Rings and sets of sealing rings Grefseal”;
TU U 29.1-32786757-001: 2004 – “Asbestos-free packing Grefseal”;
TU U 28.1-32786757-003: 2012 – “Grefseal non-asbestos interlining sheets and gaskets on their basis”;
TU U 26.8-25323997-001: 2007 – “Foil and cardboard made of thermally expanded graphite”
TU U 28.2-32786757-004: 2013 – Gaskets flanged sealing zavaltsovnnye and wave Grefseal

In March 2006 the enterprise “Graphtrade” received “Certificate of type approval of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping for graphite packing”, No. 06.61049.184 dated 03.03.2006 year later was extended No. 11.61039.184 dated February 25, 2011 allowing to produce and install packing for deadwood devices of vessels of all types of navigation.

In November 2006, the company received an international IQNet certificate and the Russian Register Certification System for compliance with the current quality management system of production to the international standard ISO 9001: 2000.

Certificate No. 06.527.026 dated November 2, 2006. In November 2009, the quality management system of the enterprise was re-certified by the Russian Register for compliance with the international standard ISO 9001: 2008.

In 2008, the NAEK Energoatom and the State Committee for Nuclear Regulation of Ukraine approved the technical conditions of the enterprise for the production and supply of sealing products for nuclear power plants and in April 2009 the company Graphtrade Ltd was approved by the manufacturer and supplier of products for Zaporizhzhya NPP – Decision on approval No. ZSH -P.1.21.08-09.

Also in December 2008, the enterprise of Graphtrade Ltd received the conclusion of examination No. 63.2-03-4959.08 “Conclusion on the possibility of using gaskets of flanged seals made of thermo-expanded graphite Grefseal manufactured according to TU U 26.8-32786757-002: 2005, foil and cardboard of thermally expanded graphite manufactured according to TU U 26.8-25323997-001: 2007, and packing of non-asbestos seals made according to TU U 29.1-32786757-001-2004, in the environments of the chemical oil refining industry of Ukraine “issued by JSC” UkrNIIhimmash “.