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Heat-insulating cardboard Grefseal КТО

Grefseal thermal insulation board is made of high-temperature non-asbestos fibers, mineral binders and various fillers. It is used to protect equipment from the effects of high temperature and cushioning material.


Thermal insulation of equipment, fire protection of cables, lining of furnaces, high-temperature gaskets, facing of combustion chambers, as well as metallurgical, energy, chemical, machine building, automotive and shipbuilding, household industry.


High application temperature, no asbestos, long service life, chemical inertness, easy installation, large choice of dimensions and thickness.

Heat-insulating cardboard Grefseal KTO-1:

Application temperature: + 1200 ° C;
Weight loss on ignition: not more than 15%;
Density: 1,1-1,3 g / cm3;
Thermal conductivity at +600 ° C: 0.12 W / mK;
Dimensions of cardboard heat-insulating (length x width): 1000 x 1000 mm;
Thicknesses: from 1 to 10 mm.