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Heat-insulating hose Grefseal NPSCH

Sleeves heat-insulating marks Grefseal NPSCH brands consist of high-temperature non-asbestos fibers. They are used to protect cables, pipes and high-pressure hoses from high temperatures, sparks and droplets of molten metals, punctures, erasures and other undesirable external factors. It is also possible to add various impregnations to increase the density of the sleeve walls. Impregnation allows to increase the service life, simplify the work when installing the hose, and also increase the chemical resistance of the hose.

Advantages of Grefseal NPSCH sleeves:

Do not contain asbestos, long service life, ease of installation, wall thickness 0.5 mm to 22 mm, produced diameters of hoses from 5 to 120 mm, chemically inert.


Metallurgical, power, chemical, construction, machine building, automotive, shipbuilding, cable protection, hydraulics, HHP and hydraulic insulation.

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